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Twitter Digest / October, 2020

Welcome to the monthly Twitter Digest! This is a collection of most notable tweets of the month from my @justsitandgrin account.

Xcode 12 / iOS 14 SDK

It happened before, supportedFlashModes for AVCapturePhotoOutput is not available when you build the application for a simulator. There are some suggestions to use private API, etc., but the only fix you need is to cover the call with the availability check.

#if !targetEnvironment(simulator)
// Logic that requires .supportedFlashModes

Check Spelling with Xcode

Xcode can check spelling in source-code. And it does it correctly. Check the full thread for more details.

macOS Big Sur - System Integrity Protection

Apple is forcing SIP. Big Sur has more strict rules about base settings and even warn you that disabled SIP can leave your machine in an unknown state. Bonus, Recovery Mode now has an option to browse with Safari!


Jordan Rose published a set of articles about the Swift runtime. At the moment, his blog is the only place where you can find all the information about Swift runtime at once. So far, there are five posts: